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  1. THANK YOU for the modeling chocolate and buttercream books. The books both explain genius techniques that are unheard of elsewhere. Because of the modeling chocolate book I now can successfully roll out cake panels with my pasta roller and combine them under parchment (ending up with only one seam on my cake), and apply them almost flawlessly. Rolling the cake onto the panel guarantees getting the top and bottom seams both straight, and cutting the cake top upside down on its panel gets equally good results – both solving problems that everyone has. I also have learned to fill my cakes in the pan and buttercream them so that they end up straight, and to marble modeling chocolate from you. I hope enough people realize how great these books really are.

  2. I found you years ago when iI found your Mexican Fiesta cake and I fell in love with your talent. I waited for your book to come out and bought as soon as I could. Thanks so much for sharing your talents.

  3. I love painting and my favorite medium for cake decorating is with modeling chocolate. What can i use to paint on a modeling chocolate covered cake? I see it done on fondant but i dont really likethe flavor of fondant. Buttercream seems a little thick. My americolors seem to leave a bubbled effect. I would love to know what my options are if any.

    • Since modeling chocolate has a high fat content, it has a slick surface that resists color being brushed or sprayed onto it. Colors that are applied in that way tend to bead on the surface a little bit, but it is still possible to paint or spray color onto modeling chocolate. The best way to help the color stick is to first brush the modeling chocolate with corn starch (a.k.a. corn flour) as that will help give the moisture something to cling to. I recommend gel colors or powdered colors mixed with vodka.

  4. I already had your beautiful modeling chocolate book before finding this site. Thank you for this site and your generosity in sharing your knowlege and talents with us! I will definitely stay a loyal customer of your products.

    • Kathy,
      Thanks and I’m glad you found this site! I appreciate your support 🙂 Feel free to email me if you have any how-to questions in the midst of your baking adventures. – Kristen

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