Cake Designs by Wicked Goodies — 16 Comments

  1. You are really talented love your work and u really inspire me. Buying ur book right now can’t wait to have it delivered.thanks so much

  2. Hi first time I’ve tried the chocolate decoration. It’ works good ,though it cracked some of them guess coz of humidity? Btw I’m leaving in dubai where weather is quite hot

  3. I have a question regarding finished cakes covered in modeling chocolate. Since they have the buttercream underneath, should they be refrigerated? And should there only be a crumb coat of buttercream under the modeling chocolate or a thicker, finishing layer, as you say, underneath? Would it be too thick under the modeling chocolate covering if it is a finished layer? My concern is whether to leave it out and risk the buttercream underneath going soft, or risk ruining the modeling chocolate if refrigerated.

    • Yes – I always refrigerate my cakes until display time b/c I use all-butter buttercreams and natural fillings that require refrigeration. The butter-based frostings also get nice and hard in cool temps, which makes the cakes easier to handle and decorate while they are in process. I put a fairly thick finish layer of buttercream on cakes (under modeling chocolate) so there is usually 1/2″ worth of frosting on the outside of the cake. I take the cake out of the fridge only when I’m working on, always keeping it as cool as I can.

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