How to Make Modeling Chocolate Video

How to Make Modelling Chocolate Video Wicked Goodies

This is a video supplement to Chapter 1 from the book, Cake Decorating with Modeling Chocolate, which demonstrates how to make modeling chocolate out of chocolate + sugar syrup. The sugar syrup can be corn syrup, liquid glucose, or golden syrup, depending on … Continue reading

Modeling Chocolate Recipe

Modeling Chocolate Recipe

Skip straight to the recipe or read this introduction to modeling chocolate. Modeling chocolate, also known as plastic chocolate, chocolate leather, or candy clay, is a soft, pliable confection made from chocolate and sugar syrup. It can be used in place of … Continue reading

Chocolate Glaze Recipe

Chocolate Glaze Recipe by Wicked Goodies

Here is a recipe for a rich, not-too-sweet dark chocolate glaze that pours and sets well. It maintains its shiny luster due to the inclusion of oil. Here are some photos of cakes that I have made with this recipe. … Continue reading