Gingerbread House Candy

Gingerbread House Candy Decorating

FacebookPinterestTwitterGoogle+StumbleUponLinkedinemailBuffer VIDEO: Gingerbread House Candy Here are my gingerbread house candy decorating tips including: – Where to buy candy for gingerbread house decorating – Which kinds work best and worst – How to display your candy in clever & accessible ways – How … Continue reading

Valentine’s Inspiration 2 – Bakery Tricks

Valentine's Heart Cakes

FacebookPinterestTwitterGoogle+StumbleUponLinkedinemailBuffer VIDEO: Valentine’s Heart Cakes – Bakery Recipes & How-To Happy (almost) Valentine’s Day! Here is an example of how I made three different kinds of cakes using one kind of heart mold at a commercial bakery. LINK: Freezing Cakes Video NOTE: … Continue reading

Cake Frosting Kit

Buttercream Frosting Tools Giveaway

FacebookPinterestTwitterGoogle+StumbleUponLinkedinemailBuffer Those of you who know me and my soft spot for cake bloopers entered your worst cakes in this giveaway because you knew it would crack me up and it worked. Erika H. wins for sharing this photo of … Continue reading

Freezing Your Frosting

How to Freeze Buttercream Cake Frosting

FacebookPinterestTwitterGoogle+StumbleUponLinkedinemailBuffer In commercial bakeries, big batches of buttercream frosting get loaded into large plastic buckets, which are then labeled, dated and stored in a freezer. The same method for storing leftover buttercream may be applied in home kitchens. However since … Continue reading

Cloth vs. Disposable Pastry Bags

Piping bag

FacebookPinterestTwitterGoogle+StumbleUponLinkedinemailBuffer You can usually tell how clean a pastry kitchen is by how well the piping equipment is maintained. In well-managed kitchens, the pastry bags get emptied and cleaned at the end of every shift. There are places for the bags … Continue reading

Piping Highlight Reel

Piping Cones

FacebookPinterestTwitterGoogle+StumbleUponLinkedinemailBufferI’ve created a 7 minute long compilation video with all my best tutorials on parchment paper cone piping, Click below to watch the video! Parchment Paper Cone Piping Parchment Paper Cone Piping Click above to watch the video Brought to you … Continue reading

Giant Gingerbread Castle

Gingerbread House Cookie Castle

FacebookPinterestTwitterGoogle+StumbleUponLinkedinemailBuffer This giant cookie sandcastle is my biggest gingerbread house yet. Click below to see closeup photos of this 100% edible dessert: >> Giant Gingerbread Castle << Brought to you by,New to this blog? Start here My Gingerbread House Dough Recipe & Baking Instructions Gingerbread House Decoration & Construction … Continue reading

Doll Cake Video Tutorial

FacebookPinterestTwitterGoogle+StumbleUponLinkedinemailBufferThis is a five part 3D princess doll cake tutorial with 5 short videos (10 minutes total) demonstrating various techniques with buttercream frosting and modeling chocolate. Click below to access the >>Princess Doll Cake Video Tutorial << Click below to access the … Continue reading

How to Freeze Cake

How to Freeze Cake

FacebookPinterestTwitterGoogle+StumbleUponLinkedinemailBufferHave you ever heard the myth that “freezing cakes is bad?” It’s not true! The freezer is a great tool for cake making, especially when it comes to the engineering of tiered wedding cakes or sculpted cake designs. Here’s how professional bakers freeze cakes … Continue reading

Buttercream Cake Frosting Recipes

American Buttercream

FacebookPinterestTwitterGoogle+StumbleUponLinkedinemailBufferWhen faced with the challenge of frosting a classic wedding or special occasion cake with buttercream, the goal is to make it look crisp and symmetrical. This is entirely possible with the right technique and some practice! 3 Keys to Smooth Cake Frosting #1 Start … Continue reading

Beta Testing New Ebook

Beta Testing

FacebookPinterestTwitterGoogle+StumbleUponLinkedinemailBufferBeta Testing is Now Closed. Thank you to those who participated! This week, I am beta-testing a new video ebook about the fundamentals of cake frosting with buttercream. I am currently looking for individuals to give the material a test … Continue reading

Blue Ombre Bling Cake

Blue Ombre Bling Wedding Cake Wicked Goodies

FacebookPinterestTwitterGoogle+StumbleUponLinkedinemailBufferThis video tutorial shows how decorate a square buttercream frosted wedding cake with an ombre modeling chocolate design that includes a piped royal icing pattern and a little bling. This would be a great project for a cake decorator who wants to … Continue reading

Easter Candy & Cookie House

Easter Themed Gingerbread House

FacebookPinterestTwitterGoogle+StumbleUponLinkedinemailBufferIf you haven’t seen this already, check it out!  It’s what I made for Easter last year: a candy and cookie house. (It was day 1 of my 2013 Gingerbread House Advent Calendar.) Follow this link to view the >> Easter Candy & … Continue reading

Spring Cake Designs

Bird's Nest Cupcakes

FacebookPinterestTwitterGoogle+StumbleUponLinkedinemailBufferHere are a number of spring cake design ideas for your decorating inspiration including bird’s nest cakes, daffodil cakes, Faberge egg cakes, and more. Click here to read the tutorial Click here to read the tutorial FacebookPinterestTwitterGoogle+StumbleUponLinkedinemailBuffer … Continue reading

Hansel & Gretel Gingerbread House

Hansel and Gretel Gingerbread House

FacebookPinterestTwitterGoogle+StumbleUponLinkedinemailBufferGingerbread Cookie Feature “Hansel & Gretel” Made by Debra Rodger & Carla Dobro I just love this gingerbread house competition entry that was made by Debra Rodger & Carla Dobro for the 2013 Boston Christmas Festival! From the classic Necco wafer roof to the … Continue reading

Icing Swag Piped Gingerbread House

Red Swag Decorative Gingerbread House Wicked Goodies

FacebookPinterestTwitterGoogle+StumbleUponLinkedinemailBuffer Here is a modeling chocolate figurine sitting in a pool of pink royal icing beside her red swag-piped gingerbread house. The trick to piping even swag is to first trace onto the finish using something symmetrical like a round … Continue reading

Chocolate & Cookie Waterfall

Gingerbread House Chocolate Waterfall Candy Factory

FacebookPinterestTwitterGoogle+StumbleUponLinkedinemailBuffer Here is how I made the chocolate waterfall for the Wonka candy factory gingerbread house. First, I started out with a whole bunch of half moon gingerbread cookies that were made using my gingerbread house dough recipe. Then I started … Continue reading

Gingerbread Cookie Cars

Gingerbread Cookie Cars

FacebookPinterestTwitterGoogle+StumbleUponLinkedinemailBuffer Beep beep! I’m driving my gingerbread cookie car to work today. The trick to making a gingerbread cookie car is to first think about what kind of vehicle you would want to drive around in if you lived in … Continue reading

Cookie Vats and Candy Delivery Systems

Gingerbread House Candy Ideas

FacebookPinterestTwitterGoogle+StumbleUponLinkedinemailBuffer A great way to include treats on a gingerbread house is to make edible candy holders for chocolates and chewing gum and suckers and whatnot. Round vats can be made by stacking hollow gingerbread rings on top of one … Continue reading

Piped Royal Icing Fir Trees

How to Make Royal Icing Fir Trees

FacebookPinterestTwitterGoogle+StumbleUponLinkedinemailBuffer There are many different ways to make realistic looking fir trees for gingerbread houses. Here is one way of making fir trees that involves piping in circles onto a piece of parchment or wax paper, pulling the tip outwards … Continue reading