Gingerbread House Candy

Gingerbread House Candy Decorating

FacebookPinterestTwitterGoogle+StumbleUponLinkedinemailBuffer VIDEO: Gingerbread House Candy Here are my gingerbread house candy decorating tips including: – Where to buy candy for gingerbread house decorating – Which kinds work best and worst – How to display your candy in clever & accessible ways – How … Continue reading



FacebookPinterestTwitterGoogle+StumbleUponLinkedinemailBuffer Video: Drumroll! I’m making an announcement. I’m seeking your advice. I picked a winner! I’m doing another giveaway. I’m playing you my first two licks on the guitar. Brought to you by New to this blog? Start here FacebookPinterestTwitterGoogle+StumbleUponLinkedinemailBuffer … Continue reading

Six Commitments for 2017

FacebookPinterestTwitterGoogle+StumbleUponLinkedinemailBuffer VIDEO: Six Commitments for 2017 I made some New Year’s resolutions. They’re exciting. And scary. Please troll me if I don’t follow through on any of these promises. Brought to you by Kristen, creator of New to this blog? Start here … Continue reading

Cookie Smashing

Gingerbread House Smashing

FacebookPinterestTwitterGoogle+StumbleUponLinkedinemailBufferUpdates on the giant gingerbread castle I pulled together a little video of this gingerbread house’s adventure. VIDEO: Giant Gingerbread House Building & Smashing Viacom Holiday Beach Bash Gingerbread House Smashing Santa Monica, California, 2014 Note to readers: Embrace the smashing. … Continue reading

Giant Gingerbread Castle

Gingerbread House Cookie Castle

FacebookPinterestTwitterGoogle+StumbleUponLinkedinemailBuffer This giant cookie sandcastle is my biggest gingerbread house yet. Click below to see closeup photos of this 100% edible dessert: >> Giant Gingerbread Castle << Brought to you by,New to this blog? Start here My Gingerbread House Dough Recipe & Baking Instructions Gingerbread House Decoration & Construction … Continue reading

Easter Candy & Cookie House

Easter Themed Gingerbread House

FacebookPinterestTwitterGoogle+StumbleUponLinkedinemailBufferIf you haven’t seen this already, check it out!  It’s what I made for Easter last year: a candy and cookie house. (It was day 1 of my 2013 Gingerbread House Advent Calendar.) Follow this link to view the >> Easter Candy & … Continue reading

Hansel & Gretel Gingerbread House

Hansel and Gretel Gingerbread House

FacebookPinterestTwitterGoogle+StumbleUponLinkedinemailBufferGingerbread Cookie Feature “Hansel & Gretel” Made by Debra Rodger & Carla Dobro I just love this gingerbread house competition entry that was made by Debra Rodger & Carla Dobro for the 2013 Boston Christmas Festival! From the classic Necco wafer roof to the … Continue reading

Mouse Gingerbread House

The Tale of Despereaux Mouse Gingerbread House

FacebookPinterestTwitterGoogle+StumbleUponLinkedinemailBufferGingerbread Cookie Feature: “The Tale of Despereaux Mouse World” from the film, The Tale of Despereaux Made by Melody Morse This gingerbread house made by Melody Morse won 1st place in the grand category of the 2010 Gingerbread City Competition in Del Mar, California. I … Continue reading

Gingerbread Cookie Ornaments

Gingerbread Christmas Ornaments

FacebookPinterestTwitterGoogle+StumbleUponLinkedinemailBufferGingerbread Cookie Feature: “Christmas Baubles” Made by Heather Plawski Lewis This amazingly realistic gingerbread competition piece made by Heather Plawski Lewis won 2nd place in the 2011 Grove Park Inn Gingerbread House Competition, the most prestigious gingerbread house competition in the … Continue reading

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs Gingerbread House

FacebookPinterestTwitterGoogle+StumbleUponLinkedinemailBufferGingerbread House Feature: “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs” Gingerbread House Made by Cakes for Occasions Artists: Angela Petterson, Kate Rousselle, Janelle Hodge, Heather Sullivan, Caitlin Gallarelli, & Shelia Glidden, Kristen Paul-Stair, Reve Prapeall & Michelle Zeroulias I had the pleasure of … Continue reading

Nestled Snug in Their Gingerbread Beds

Night Before Christmas Gingerbread House

FacebookPinterestTwitterGoogle+StumbleUponLinkedinemailBufferGingerbread House Artist’s Feature:  “The Children Were Nestled All Snug In Their Beds” from The Night Before Christmas made by Linda Carney This award-winning gingerbread house, entitled, “The Children Were Nestled All Snug In Their Beds,” was made by Linda Carney, who … Continue reading

Getting the Edible Presents Ready

Santa's Workshop Gingerbread House

FacebookPinterestTwitterGoogle+StumbleUponLinkedinemailBuffer On the 23rd of December, in Santa’s workshop gingerbread house, the gumpaste reindeer start to get organized and pair off for the present run, deciding who’s going to pull the cookie sleigh in what order. Rudolph, Blitzen, and Santa … Continue reading

Icing Swag Piped Gingerbread House

Red Swag Decorative Gingerbread House Wicked Goodies

FacebookPinterestTwitterGoogle+StumbleUponLinkedinemailBuffer Here is a modeling chocolate figurine sitting in a pool of pink royal icing beside her red swag-piped gingerbread house. The trick to piping even swag is to first trace onto the finish using something symmetrical like a round … Continue reading

Chocolate & Cookie Waterfall

Gingerbread House Chocolate Waterfall Candy Factory

FacebookPinterestTwitterGoogle+StumbleUponLinkedinemailBuffer Here is how I made the chocolate waterfall for the Wonka candy factory gingerbread house. First, I started out with a whole bunch of half moon gingerbread cookies that were made using my gingerbread house dough recipe. Then I started … Continue reading

Gingerbread and Icing Bubble Machine

Gingerbread and Royal Icing Bubble Machine

FacebookPinterestTwitterGoogle+StumbleUponLinkedinemailBuffer Embedded into one of the side walls of my giant Wonka gingerbread house candy factory, there was a bubble machine. What made this scene so memorable and funny to me when I was a kid is that they had … Continue reading

Behind the Scenes Gingerbread House Making

Behind the Scenes Making of a Giant Gingerbread Houseb

FacebookPinterestTwitterGoogle+StumbleUponLinkedinemailBuffer Here’s how to build large gingerbread structures: by creating boxes and first allowing their sides to harden before adding roofs and stacking them. All the pieces should be decorated in advance and allowed to dry completely before assembly. It helps to designate … Continue reading

Royal Icing Vine Inlay Gingerbread House

Royal Icing Vine Inlay Gingerbread House

FacebookPinterestTwitterGoogle+StumbleUponLinkedinemailBuffer If you look up close at this yellow, white, and green fancy gingerbread house, you can see that the vine patterns are seamlessly inlaid into the royal icing. This effect was achieved by piping dots of royal icing onto … Continue reading

Gingerbread Candy Factory by Lynne Schuyler

Candy Factory Gingerbread House

FacebookPinterestTwitterGoogle+StumbleUponLinkedinemailBufferCookie Artist’s Feature Lynne Schuyler of Idaho, U.S.A.  Check out this amazing gingerbread cookie candy factory made by Lynne Schuyler. She is a wicked talented gingerbread house building hobbyist and this is the edible candy factory that she made for … Continue reading

Royal Icing Wreaths

Piped Royal Icing Wreaths

FacebookPinterestTwitterGoogle+StumbleUponLinkedinemailBuffer Piping royal icing wreaths is a similar technique to piping royal icing fir trees. You can watch how a video on how to execute this technique in the book Gingerbread House Decoration & Construction. Brought to you by,New to this … Continue reading

Royal Icing Over Piping Method

Decorative Royal Icing Over Piping on a Gingerbread House (2)

FacebookPinterestTwitterGoogle+StumbleUponLinkedinemailBuffer Below are some photos of this over-piped blue gingerbread house in process.   These pictures tell the story of how the white lattice and rose cluster decorations were created using royal icing, piping cones, and patience. The royal icing roses … Continue reading