Gingerbread House Candy

Gingerbread House Candy Decorating

FacebookPinterestTwitterGoogle+StumbleUponLinkedinemailBuffer VIDEO: Gingerbread House Candy Here are my gingerbread house candy decorating tips including: – Where to buy candy for gingerbread house decorating – Which kinds work best and worst – How to display your candy in clever & accessible ways – How … Continue reading

Paris Pastry Adventures

Criossants in a Paris Bakery

FacebookPinterestTwitterGoogle+StumbleUponLinkedinemailBuffer Welcome to a Paris, where the pastries are ooh la la! Here are some photos from my travels. Fornicake included At the La Pâtisserie des Rêves (Bakery of Dreams), the desserts are displayed in climate controlled domes In one … Continue reading

Cookie Smashing

Gingerbread House Smashing

FacebookPinterestTwitterGoogle+StumbleUponLinkedinemailBuffer Updates on the giant gingerbread castle I pulled together a little video of this gingerbread house’s adventure. VIDEO: Giant Gingerbread House Building & Smashing Viacom Holiday Beach Bash Gingerbread House Smashing Santa Monica, California, 2014 Note to readers: Embrace the … Continue reading

Giant Gingerbread Castle

Gingerbread House Cookie Castle

FacebookPinterestTwitterGoogle+StumbleUponLinkedinemailBuffer This giant cookie sandcastle is my biggest gingerbread house yet. Click below to see closeup photos of this 100% edible dessert: >> Giant Gingerbread Castle << Brought to you by,New to this blog? Start here My Gingerbread House Dough Recipe & Baking Instructions Gingerbread House Decoration & Construction … Continue reading

Viral Cake Adventures

Mexican Fiesta Cake Design Ideas

FacebookPinterestTwitterGoogle+StumbleUponLinkedinemailBufferHere’s what happens when a cake design catches hold on the internet. It grows and morphs and gets even better. These are the chronicles of one viral Mexican fiesta cake design and 50 more versions of it that followed, featuring photos of cakes made by bakers … Continue reading

Spring Cake Designs

Bird's Nest Cupcakes

FacebookPinterestTwitterGoogle+StumbleUponLinkedinemailBufferHere are a number of spring cake design ideas for your decorating inspiration including bird’s nest cakes, daffodil cakes, Faberge egg cakes, and more. Click here to read the tutorial Click here to read the tutorial FacebookPinterestTwitterGoogle+StumbleUponLinkedinemailBuffer … Continue reading

Modeling Chocolate Circus Stripes

Modeling Chocolate Cake Stripes

FacebookPinterestTwitterGoogle+StumbleUponLinkedinemailBufferHere is a video tutorial demonstrating how to decorate a cake with colorful strips of modeling chocolate. This is an easy design idea that can be used to dress up birthday cakes, kid’s cakes, or special occasion cakes. Some of you … Continue reading

Hansel & Gretel Gingerbread House

Hansel and Gretel Gingerbread House

FacebookPinterestTwitterGoogle+StumbleUponLinkedinemailBufferGingerbread Cookie Feature “Hansel & Gretel” Made by Debra Rodger & Carla Dobro I just love this gingerbread house competition entry that was made by Debra Rodger & Carla Dobro for the 2013 Boston Christmas Festival! From the classic Necco wafer roof to the … Continue reading

Getting the Edible Presents Ready

Santa's Workshop Gingerbread House

FacebookPinterestTwitterGoogle+StumbleUponLinkedinemailBuffer On the 23rd of December, in Santa’s workshop gingerbread house, the gumpaste reindeer start to get organized and pair off for the present run, deciding who’s going to pull the cookie sleigh in what order. Rudolph, Blitzen, and Santa … Continue reading

Chocolate & Cookie Waterfall

Gingerbread House Chocolate Waterfall Candy Factory

FacebookPinterestTwitterGoogle+StumbleUponLinkedinemailBuffer Here is how I made the chocolate waterfall for the Wonka candy factory gingerbread house. First, I started out with a whole bunch of half moon gingerbread cookies that were made using my gingerbread house dough recipe. Then I started … Continue reading

Gingerbread Candy Factory by Lynne Schuyler

Candy Factory Gingerbread House

FacebookPinterestTwitterGoogle+StumbleUponLinkedinemailBufferCookie Artist’s Feature Lynne Schuyler of Idaho, U.S.A.  Check out this amazing gingerbread cookie candy factory made by Lynne Schuyler. She is a wicked talented gingerbread house building hobbyist and this is the edible candy factory that she made for … Continue reading

The Making of the Oompa Loompas

How to Make Edible Munchkin Figurines for a Gingerbread House

FacebookPinterestTwitterGoogle+StumbleUponLinkedinemailBuffer Once, I made a giant gingerbread house that looked like Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. There were all kinds of candies involved (vats of candy) and there were many singing Oompa Loompas. These edible munchkins were made of gumpaste.  However … Continue reading

Cookie Vats and Candy Delivery Systems

Gingerbread House Candy Ideas

FacebookPinterestTwitterGoogle+StumbleUponLinkedinemailBuffer A great way to include treats on a gingerbread house is to make edible candy holders for chocolates and chewing gum and suckers and whatnot. Round vats can be made by stacking hollow gingerbread rings on top of one … Continue reading

Gingerbread House Candy Ideas

Gingerbread House Candy Ideas

FacebookPinterestTwitterGoogle+StumbleUponLinkedinemailBuffer What’s the best thing about gingerbread houses? The candy! Here are some of my favorite candies for gingerbread cookie house decorating. Can you name all of the sweets above? (Left to right, back to front: Twizzlers, chocolate mints, malt … Continue reading

Cookie House with a Candy Lawn

Candy House with Fruit Leather Siding and a Candy Lawn

FacebookPinterestTwitterGoogle+StumbleUponLinkedinemailBuffer I made this gingerbread cookie & candy house with fruit leather siding for Easter in 2013 for a couple that is dear to my heart.  That year, they bought their first home in New England. So I made a … Continue reading

Start the Advent Calendar Here

Gingerbread House Advent Calendar Wicked Goodies

FacebookPinterestTwitterGoogle+StumbleUponLinkedinemailBufferWelcome to the Wicked Goodies virtual gingerbread house advent calendar! Click on any day to open its article Every single day for the month of December, we have photos and tips about gingerbread house building here on the Wicked Goodies blog. That means … Continue reading