Cake Order Fail

Cake Business Order Fail

FacebookPinterestTwitterGoogle+StumbleUponLinkedinemailBuffer Video: Cake Order FailIn the bakery business, we get all kinds of weird phone calls. Every once in awhile, we get one from the type of customer who just doesn’t understand the laws of physics or the limitations of cake. Here’s an example … Continue reading

Topsy Turvy Cake Video 4 – DOWELING

How to Dowel a Topsy Turvy Cake

FacebookPinterestTwitterGoogle+StumbleUponLinkedinemailBuffer Video: Topsy Turvy Cake Tutorial 4 – DOWELING This is part 4 of 4 In this segment, I demonstrate how to measure and insert wooden dowels for a topsy turvy cake frosted with buttercream. Related Links Part 1: Intro Part 2: Carving Part … Continue reading

Video: Stacking Cakes with Wood Dowels

How to Use Wood Dowels in Stacked Cake Assembly

FacebookPinterestTwitterGoogle+StumbleUponLinkedinemailBuffer Here is a two part video series demonstrating how to use wood dowels in stacked cake assembly. This may be applied to the construction of wedding cakes, multi-tiered cakes, birthday cakes, or any cake that has multiple components. Click below … Continue reading

Why Cake Fillings Bulge – Top 5 Reasons & Solutions

Why Cake Fillings Bulge, Top 5 Reasons Plus Solutions

FacebookPinterestTwitterGoogle+StumbleUponLinkedinemailBuffer Watch the VIDEO version: Why Cake Fillings Bulge VIDEO SERIES LINK: How to Fill Layer Cakes in the Pan Video Transcript Fillings that bulge are like the unwanted muffin tops of the layer cake world, am I right? Why does it happen … Continue reading


How to Make a Penis Cake Decoration

FacebookPinterestTwitterGoogle+StumbleUponLinkedinemailBufferWARNING! ***Naughty Cake Tutorial Alert*** Here is a free video tutorial on how to make a chocolate cock cake topper. No real body parts are shown however there are some graphic photos of edible willies. Click below to check out my >> Chocolate … Continue reading

DIY Fake Cake Solution

How to Use Bread Dough for Fake Cake Tiers

FacebookPinterestTwitterGoogle+StumbleUponLinkedinemailBufferWhen you work in bakeries, sometimes you get requests for fake cakes or dummy cakes. It may be because someone wants a super huge cake even though a small number of guests are attending their wedding. It may be because they … Continue reading

Pink Cake Box DVD Set Giveaway

Pink Cake Box DVD Set

FacebookPinterestTwitterGoogle+StumbleUponLinkedinemailBufferTHIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED Winner: Anna Petersen *This giveaway is open to all Wicked Goodies readers* Cake 101 & Cake 102 DVDs by Pink Cake Box Topics: The Fundamentals of Frosting and Fondanting Cakes This is a great starter … Continue reading

How to Make a Boat Cake

How to Make a Boat Cake by Wicked Goodies

FacebookPinterestTwitterGoogle+StumbleUponLinkedinemailBuffer This 3D cake adventure involves modeling chocolate, piped chocolate, malt balls, buttercream frosting, dowel infrastructure, carved cake construction, and Pepperidge Farm Pirouette Rolled Wafers. This boat wedding cake was designed for a couple that met at the 2009 San Diego Singles Conference on … Continue reading

How to Make a Car Cake

How to Make a Car Cake by Wicked Goodies

FacebookPinterestTwitterGoogle+StumbleUponLinkedinemailBuffer The classic car is a wildly popular cake design for groom’s cakes, men’s birthday cakes, and father’s day cakes. This tutorial demonstrates how to make an easy 3D car cake with minimal carving. This particular groom’s cake was customized … Continue reading

How to Make a Topsy Turvy Cake

Topsy Turvy Wedding Cake by Wicked Goodies

FacebookPinterestTwitterGoogle+StumbleUponLinkedinemailBuffer >> Watch the Topsy Turvy VIDEO Series << The topsy turvy cake, also known as the wonderland cake, mad hatter cake, or falling down cake is a popular cake design technique that involves carving and the physics of counterbalance. This tutorial demonstrates how … Continue reading

Reality Cake Television

Wicked Goodies Rooster Cake on Fabulous Cakes Show

FacebookPinterestTwitterGoogle+StumbleUponLinkedinemailBuffer In 2010, I was filmed making a giant cake for one episode (season 2, episode 4) of a Discovery Network reality television show called Fabulous Cakes, now syndicated on TLC. I was under contract to NOT blog about the … Continue reading

How to Use Wood Dowels in Stacked Cakes

How to Use Wooden Dowels in Stacked Cakes by Wicked Goodies

FacebookPinterestTwitterGoogle+StumbleUponLinkedinemailBuffer Even basic stacked cakes require interior supports to prevent tiers from shifting or getting squashed. I recommend using dowels and cardboard for cake infrastructure because it is a reliable and economical method. This article discusses how to measure, cut, and insert wood dowels … Continue reading

Cake Sculpting with Rice Treats and PVC

FacebookPinterestTwitterGoogle+StumbleUponLinkedinemailBuffer This tutorial demonstrates how to sculpt 3D cake elements out of PVC pipe, rice treats, and modeling chocolate. This cactus, jalapeño pepper, sleeping Mexican cake was the vision of a particularly creative client. The cakes are all finished in … Continue reading