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I am a bakery consultant with 17 years of work experience in the food industry specializing in dessert kitchen management, product development, and cake artistry. I hold a Professional Chef degree from the CSCA and am the maker of giant gingerbread houses. I’ve authored seven books about dessert craft & the bakery business. Follow this link to learn more about how this blog works.

Located in: San Diego, California, U.S.A.
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  1. To inspire and delight others.
  2. To encourage creativity and entrepreneurship.
  3. To share and trade baking information in order to help move our collective knowledge forward.
  4. To maintain an open dialogue with readers.

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LINK: My Award-Winning Gingerbread House Gallery

VideoWicked Goodies at the 2012 Boston Christmas Festival

Wicked Goodies was featured on TLC’s Fabulous Cakes show making this 3 1/2 foot tall garden-tire rooster cake finished in buttercream and modeling chocolate:

Wicked Goodies Rooster Cake on Fabulous Cakes Show


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Etymology of Wicked Goodies

In Massachusetts, we say wicked a lot.

“The clam chowda is wicked hot.”
“The Pats are wicked pissah.”
“I’m wicked sick of shovelin’ snow.” 

It means very, so Wicked Goodies, translated literally, means extra good desserts. The name is also evocative of goody bags and birthday parties. Then there is the fact some of my fornicakes are downright wicked as in naughty. Plus desserts are often considered wicked as in gluttonous. Lastly, there is a nod to Hansel & Gretel, the book that first inspired my cookie house dreams

Wicked Goodies

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