Erotic Cake Gallery


The Wicked Goodies naughty cake gallery

A sample of some erotic cakes that I’ve made over the years…

For mature audiences only!


Tatas Cake

Giant, basketball-sized booby cake in pink ombre ruffled bra made of modeling chocolate.
Read the tutorial >> Breast Wishes Cake

Boob Cake by Wicked Goodies


Kardashian Booty Cake

Giant butt cake with camouflage boy shorts made of modeling chocolate.
Booty Cake by Wicked Goodies


Jackson Pollock-esque Cock Cake

Decorated in buttercream and white chocolate spunk
Cock Cake by Wicked Goodies


Breast Wishes Cake

Sea of meringue frosting boobies. One of my first fornicakes ever.
Breast Wishes Booby Cake by Wicked Goodies


Wee Cock Cake

Garnished with gelatinized milk spunk and enough wee cocks to serve one per slice.
Wee Cock Cake by Wicked Goodies


Ol’ Ball & Chain Cake

Standing penis cake plus ball & chain made of modeling chocolate
VIDEO tutorial >> How to Make a Chocolate Cock Topper

Ball and Chain Cake by Wicked Goodies


Dirty Scrabble Fornicake

One of my first 3D cakes ever, from way back in the day, decorated with marzipan and chocolate potty humor. 
Naughty Scrabble Fornicake by Wicked Goodies


Two Eyes and a Nose Cake

(depending on how you look at it) decorated with buttercream and modeling chocolate
Titty Fuck Cake by Wicked Goodies


Snatch Cake

Vagina cake decorated with buttercream, modeling chocolate, sugar syrup, and chocolate shavings.
Read the tutorial >> How to Make a Vagina Cake
Vagina Cake


Make a Wish and Blow Cake

Giant edible marzipan cock with chocolate pubes.
VIDEO tutorial >> How to Make a Chocolate Cock Topper

Giant Cock Cake by Wicked Goodies

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Cake Construction Tutorial >> Breast Wishes Cake
Breast Cake Tutorial by Wicked Goodies

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  4. Hey i’m interested in buying a ejaculating penis cake for my cousin’s bachelorette party. Email me back for the details!

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