Birthday and Special Occasion Cake Designs by Wicked Goodies

Birthday & Specialty Cakes by Wicked Goodies

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Baby Shower Cake
Leopard Print Shoe Cake
Paint Ball Gun Cake
Parking Meter Cake
Zoo Animal Cupcakes
Present Cake
Chocolate Leopard Print Cake
Transformer Cake
Tree Stump Cake
Artist's Palette Cake
Fish Cake
Dia de los Muertos Cake
Hamburger Cake
Doll Cake
Purse Cake
Letterman Jacket Cake
Air Craft Carrier Cake
Motorcycle Cake
Firetruck Cake
Super Mario Cake and Cupcakes
Pizza and Breadsticks Cake
Cactus Cake, Sleeping Mexican Cake, and Chili Pepper Cake
Manolo Blahnik High Heel Shoe Cake
Baby Carriage Cake
80's Themed Birthday Cake

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Cake Decorating with Modeling Chocolate

Cake Decorating with Modeling Chocolate by Wicked Goodies
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Smooth Buttercream Cake Frosting
Smooth Buttercream Cake Frosting


Birthday and Special Occasion Cake Designs by Wicked Goodies — 12 Comments

  1. Hi Kristen,
    Just wondering if you temper the chocolate that you use for writing and piping garnishes. If not, isn’t there the possibility that they would melt at room temperature??? And on the other hand how do you keep the melted choc from setting up while you’re working?
    Thanks again.

  2. Hello! Just bought your book! Love it! Just have a couple of questions…. Can you paint on modeling chocolate like you can on fondant? The other question is what is the best way to store acakes covered with modeling chocolate or decoration. Do you store them in the fridge??? I could not find the answers to these questions in your book. Hope you can help me with this…..

    • Yes you can paint on it but it’s much harder. Color doesn’t stick as easily to modeling chocolate as it does to fondant because modeling chocolate is slicker.

      Also, yes, always store cakes in the fridge. If you want to prevent condensation from forming on the surface, seal the cake in plastic wrap.

  3. Purchasing your book opened a whole new wonderful world in decorating. Everyone I who has received cakes and cupcakes with modeling chocolate decorations has been very happy, as the mc tastes fabulous. I had struggled with many batches of homemade, and can’t afford to mail order commercial, so having your book was a great find for me. Thank you for your inspiration and instruction.

  4. I have your book and I love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I was hoping to find a tutorial for the letterman’s jacket cake inside the book or your website.

    Would you mind emailing it to me?

    • So glad you like my book! I don’t have a tutorial for the letterman’s jacket but I can tell you that it is not hard to make using one rectangular chunk of cake and another piece that was cut the long way to make the two arms. The trick is to drape the modeling chocolate loosely over the cake so that it looks like leather. The cuffs of the jacket can be embossed to look more realistic.

  5. I just want ti thank you for being so generous in sharing your skills with inspired bakers like myself. the book is so helpful. Your work is awesome!

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