How to Make a Booby Cake

Breast-Wishes-Cake-Tutorial-by-Wicked-Goodies I made this booby cake decorated with smooth buttercream and modeling chocolate for a fundraising event in honor my friend, Laura, who is winning a fight against breast cancer. Go, Laura! It was a huge cake – each boob was the size of a basketball. The flavor was butter cake with strawberry cream cheese filling. Here’s how to do it. 

Breast Cake Tutorial by Wicked Goodies

1. Bake off the rounded tops of the breasts in 8” stainless steel hemisphere pans (read my tutorial on how to bake cakes in hemisphere pans). Bake the wider base of the breasts in standard 8” cylinder cake pans.

Breast Cake Tutorial by Wicked Goodies

2. Slice the cakes and layer them alternating with filling inside two bowls from a 5 quart KitchenAid mixer (or two identical bowls of any kind). Follow this link to read my tutorial on how to build layer cakes in the pan

Breast Cake Tutorial by Wicked Goodies

The results should be two perfectly spherical and identical orbs.

Breast Cake Tutorial by Wicked Goodies

3. Carve the bottom of the cakes for more pronounced roundness. Keep the cakes covered in plastic wrap so that they stay fresh.

Breast Cake Tutorial by Wicked Goodies

4. Apply a crumb coat of buttercream with a small offset spatula. I used vanilla buttercream mixed with cocoa powder for a light skin tone. Refrigerate the cake.

Breast Cake Tutorial by Wicked Goodies

5. Added a finish coat of buttercream.

Breast Cake Tutorial by Wicked Goodies

6. Smooth the buttercream frosting until the surface is round and even. I use a combination of a small offset spatula and gloved hand to frost rounded cakes.

Here is a video clip example of how I use a gloved hand to frost a rounded cake (different cake).

How to Frost a Rounded Cake by Wicked Goodies

Breast Cake Tutorial by Wicked Goodies

7. Roll out and cut strips of pink ombre modeling chocolate to make a frilly bra. Ombre (different gradations of the same color) ruffles, especially pink ombre ruffles, is a very trendy cake design these days.

Breast Wishes Cake by Wicked Goodies

Many cake decorators use fondant to make ruffles but I prefer to use modeling chocolate. There are also many tutorials on the web for how to create this effect using fondant instead of modeling chocolateHere is an example from the blog, Make Fabulous Cakes and here is an example from the blog, Bubble Sweet. If you own my book, check out page 49 where it demonstrates how to make the modeling chocolate ruffles on the cake below.

Wedding Cake Design by Wicked Goodies

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  1. Hi, I am currently at university and we are making a poster for breast cancer ‘ be breast aware’. I absolutely love the picture of this cake and I am wondering with your permission if we could use it on our poster? its unusual and think it will look great….. if you could let me know it would be much appreciated. many thanks

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