Augustus Glooping: The act of submerging one’s entire body in chocolate.

In the case of gingerbread houses, which are often displayed for a while, chocolate royal icing works better than real chocolate for rendering a chocolate-dipped effect. The advantage to the icing is that it doesn’t bloom or crack like chocolate would. This technique works well for making any kind of edible ornament look like it’s been dipped in chocolate.

To create the body, model a 3D gumpaste figurine from the waist up only. Allow it to set for at least two days before glooping.

Items Needed

  • Gumpaste figurine torso with outstretched arms and a gaping mouth, fully set
  • Popsicle stick or tongue depressor
  • One glue dot
  • 1 cup of very loose chocolate royal icing (the consistency of a warm milk shake), room temperature
  • 2 extra egg whites
  • Clean drinking glass
  • Small offset spatula

1. In a small bowl, stir the royal icing gently.

2. Dip the head of a clean spoon into the icing to test its density. The icing should run off the spoon easily but coat it thoroughly. If it’s still too thick, add more egg whites ½ teaspoon at a time. Pour the finished icing into a small but deep bowl. The bowl must be deep enough to fit the entire torso of the figurine.

3. With a glue dot, adhere the bottom of the figurine to the popsicle stick no less than 1 inch from the end. The glue dot is just to hold the figurine in place temporarily and will eventually be removed.

4. Dunk the body upside down into the bowl of icing. Move it around to coat it well including the inside of the mouth cavity. Hold the figurine upside down over the bowl, allowing excess icing to run out of the mouth cavity and off the body.

5. Hang the body upside down in a drinking glass by the edges of popsicle stick.

6. Seal the remaining icing under a piece of plastic wrap followed by a damp piece of paper towel. Then wrap the entire bowl in plastic wrap and return it to the refrigerator.

7. Allow the torso to hang overnight or longer before handling again. Once it’s dry, remove the stick and glue dot from the body. Set the body aside.

8. Fill the river to the edges of its banks with the icing left over from dipping the figurine. Using a small offset spatula, spread the icing around evenly.

9. Place the torso down in the middle of the river and swirl it around to create a sense of movement.

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