How To Make a Ship Cake

Here in San Diego, California we have Camp Pendleton, the Coronado Naval Base, and the Mirimar Marine Air Corps Station all with cake-delivery distance, so this is my second naval ship finished in modeling chocolate.

The trick to rendering something in cake that is industrial-looking and loaded with detail is to break it down to the sum of its most basic reoccurring geometrical shapes:

The above circles, squares, cylinders, and rings, were all cut or punched out with small cutters from grayscale tones of modeling chocolateThe below propellors and deck pieces for the control tower were formed out of gumpaste and allowed to dry overnight. A lollypop stick, the only non-food element of this cake, served as the vertical tower piece and is what was used to preform the holes in the deck pieces.

Geometrical shapes can be paired or combined with piped chocolate in various colors to represent buoys, engine parts, turbines, deck lights, etc.

Even the most basic shapes, when manipulated strategically, that can capture the essence of something extremely detailed:

Of course you can’t have an aircraft carrier without aircrafts:
People often ask if it’s hard to watch the cake get massacred and the answer is no. That’s the best part. Its the clients who sometimes have a hard time butchering the centerpiece. Perfect example is the look of consternation on this officer’s face:

Petty Officer Arcenio Gonzalez retired from the USS Bonhomme Richard (LHD-6) in April, 2010 and this cake was gifted to him as a surprise from his beloved wife, Mayra.

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  1. Wow, this is awesome! Better than any other I’ve seen out there. WOW!! One question-how do u get the white mod choc so white?? Mine stays yellow :(

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