Best Cake Baking Pans to Buy

Best Cake Pans to Buy

When it comes to cake pans, the best long-term investment for serious bakers is deep, thick gauge solid aluminum pans. I’m not a big fan of springform pans.

Why I don’t like springform pans

Best Cake Pans to Buy

  • They are typically made of thin gauge, cheap metal.
  • They do not conduct heat well so the result is often a too-dark or burnt outer crust.
  • The clasps eventually loosen and rust.
  • The outer ring is prone to warping or getting squashed.
  • They aren’t watertight so for custard-based desserts like cheesecake or flan that have runny batters and/or require baking in a hot water bath, stuff leaks.

The advantages to solid, deep, aluminum pans

Best Cake Pans to Buy

  • The thick metal and high walls help buffer the heat so that cakes bake more evenly without developing as brown of a crust on the outside. 
  • You can pour twice as much batter in a deep pan, yielding a nice sized cake using half of the oven space.
  • If you are a bakery, you cut the number of pans that must be washed in half using this type of pan.
  • This type of pan doubles as a mold to fill a layer cake, which yields excellent results.

Follow this link to read my tutorial about how to fill cakes

Best Cake Pans to Buy

3″ deep pans are the best fit for home ovens. 4″ deep pans are better for bakeries that have the advantage of more oven space. I prefer Fat Daddio brand cake pans. They are seamless, high quality, and maintain well because of their strong lip.

Here is the link to the round pans on Amazon
Here is the link to the square pans on Amazon

Look for the drop down menu that allows you to the pick the exact dimensions of the pans you want as there are many sizes to choose from. Amazon carries all the sizes.

Best Cake Pans to Buy

The Fat Daddio’s website also offers batter capacity charts for their round and square cake pans, in case you want to know how much batter should go into each sized pan (this would especially help with costing out a menu). Note that the dimensions of the pans on the batter capacity charts are listed within the pan codes. So for square pans, the code is PSQ-(width x width x height) and for round pans, the code is PRD-(width x height).

You can download my cake servings charts for 4″ deep cakes, both square and round, which are a helpful reference when planning a cake. Click on the photo below to access the cake servings charts:

Round Cake Servings Chart

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Best Cake Baking Pans to Buy — 10 Comments

  1. I’m confused; if a recipe calls for three 9″ cake pans and I use this deeper cake pan, how doe I adjust the baking time in the recipe?

    • Well…baking times are just estimates anyway. What kind of oven you use, what kind of metal pan, where in the oven you put the pans, how many times you open the oven during baking, this all effects the baking time. Do not worry about what the baking time says. Simply bake a cake until it’s done.

  2. Is part of the reason you recommend the 4″ high cake pans for professional bakery use is due to the fact that most professional ovens uses convection rather than conventional heating? Thus, you’re able to bake the cake much quicker because of the forced air? Just curious as I have the kind of oven that has both features and it is rather large inside. Not that I need new pans, but just in case I decide to buy some more. :)


    • I recommend 4″ pans to bakeries because it’s always better to have a deep pan and bakeries typically have more space in the ovens that can accommodate pans that size. The depth also does help protect the tops of the cakes against forced air in convection ovens.

  3. Thanks so much for sharing your talent and all your helpful hints. I absolutely LOVE your book. I read it over and over again and always find something I missed earlier LOL.

    • Hi Ardis,
      Hmm…I hadn’t considered the ebook option! No need to print it out. If you take a pic of yourself next to the computer with the cover on it, that’ll work. I already have your proof of purchase from paypal. Thanks for buying my book!
      - Kristen

  4. Thank you! Great video! I have your book and I am only using modeling chocolate now, I appreciate all of your help.
    Do you recommend using 4 inch pans to do this type of filling? I have all of the 3 inch pans, but I imagine if I torte the cake, it will need to be in a 4 inch pan.

    • Thanks for buying my book! So glad to hear you are having success with the modeling chocolate. The 3″ pans are the best fit for home ovens. 4″ are better for a bakery setting, where there’s more room in the ovens. I prefer the 4″ pans because I’m in the habit of making that sized cake but I own and use both sizes.

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